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ATC LogoThe ATC is an alternative trading and marketing company based in Negros. It adheres to the principle of fair trade where the producers get the better deal and the benefits of the trade are plowed back to the producers to empower them towards self-determination and development.


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ATIKHA LogoATIKHA Overseas Workers & Communities Initiatives (ATIKHA, Inc.) is a non-government organization commited to developing social enterprises that: provide equal opportunities for women; are environmentally friendly; are economically sustainable; and mobilize overseas Filipino resources for development.

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Bahay Pangarap is a socio-economic project of the ICM sisters. It is a business with a social purpose. It is engaged in the production and marketing of woodcraft directed to the domestic and international market. Disabled men and women are the primary beneficiaries of the project.

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Bahi is a women’s organization established in 1992 to provide livelihood opportunities among unemployed women. It is based in Cebu and Bohol and currently have 150 skilled urban and rural women workers. Bahi is into sustainable agriculture.

“Bahi” is a Visayan word which means strength or toughness.

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Bote Central is a family owned corporation, established on March 22, 2002, with a vision of “Working to Clean & Save the Environment” by using agro forest products for livelihood. At present, the company is focused on the joint production and consumption program of Philippine coffee, rationalizing the supply chain and embedding Fair Trade principles to promote the Philippine coffee industry’s sustainability. It is focused on deploying community roasting business units (CRBU ) all over the country, most especially in the countryside, propelling local economies.

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Cooperative of Women in Health Development (COWHED) was established in 1995 by T’boli women residing in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. The majority of their members are from the T’boli Tribe. COWHED is a multi-purpose cooperative and has more than ninety women members.

The sale of their products is being used to finance the care of their community’s health and other development projects. They have organized the dreamweavers (20 women-weavers), 5 sewers and embroiderers and craftswomen.

The T’bolis, endowed with their artistic sensitivity weave the T’nalak, a beautiful and dramatic hand-woven fabric. It is often used as blankets but later designs are used for bags, placemats, wall decors and book covers.
T’bolis also make unique jewelries out of glass and plastic beads, horse hair, brass, and bamboo twigs.

When you buy COWHED products, you support the T’bolis in their livelihood as well as other workers.

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Katakus logoKababainhan Alang sa Teknolohiya nga haum sa Kinaiyahan sa Kauswagan (KATAKUS, Inc) which is translated in English as “empowering women in agriculture through appropriate technology, in harmony with the environment” is a resource center in Davao that creates awareness for sustainable agriculture and the role of women in production and over-all development of rural communities. It also promote and develop technologies appropriate for women and men using indigenous resources for economic self-reliance and environmental sustainability. The organization has four male and twenty-seven female workers. It also assists Kalihokan sa Kababayean sa Katipunan (KKK) which has 44 all female members.

Their products are based on handmade paper from cogon and banana fibers. They specialized on handmade lampshades, notebooks, frames and greeting cards.

KATAKUS believes in the empowerment of women workers and the overall development of rural communities. By supporting their products, YOU can help in the livelihood of Davao women as well as promote an environment-friendly living.

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KIN is a women’s organization established in 1995. It helps Bukidnon Tribe to reclaim their ancestral domain (5,000has.). The organization assists Daraghuyan Ancestral Domain Claim, Inhandig Tribal Multipurpose Cooperative (900 members: 60% women and 40% men) and Bukidnon Daraghoyan Tribal Youths of Malaybalay (50 members: 41 females and 32 males).

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Pinangga is a women’s organization established in 1970. It is based in Metro Manila. At present it has 33 members. Most of the members are hand embroiderers and sewers. The word "Pinangga" means beloved.

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Pinsel Arts and Crafts is a group of artisans and out-of-school youth based in an urban poor community in Commonwealth, Quezon City and Antipolo. They promote indigenous and progressive arts along with urban poor advocacies like labor rights and housing rights.

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