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1. Global Partnership for Development

This Program provides peoples' learning exchange opportunities geared to (a) A better understanding of the host and visitors' contexts; (b) Exploring and establishing friendly and solidarity relations; and (c) Evolving ways and means to nurture and substantiate relations. Various peoples' exchange modules are offered:


  • Volunteers for Rural / Urban Development exchangees undergo direct learning experience as they immerse themselves with rural or urban-based development organizations and join in their work with the people.
  • Alternative Tourism for vacationers who wish to combine tourism and familiarization with historical and contemporary issues on the Philippines and its people.
  • Solidarity Building for foreigners who aim to gain deeper insights on socio-political, cultural and economic life in the community, regional and national arenas toward eventually engaging into concrete solidarity actions and programs for grassroots organizations.
  • Focused Tours for special needs like academic and grassroots research, study tours, fact-finding missions, etc., or tours that revolve around specific topics and sectors of interest: socio-economic work, environment, women, peasants, workers, militarization, human rights, etc.

2. Campaigns Program and Information Support

This program attends to various types of informations needs such as updating local peoples' organizations on developments in the Philippines and the international solidarity network abroad and conversely updating Philippine solidarity groups and their network overseas on Philippines issues and movements. Also, advocacy campaigns are done to promote issues of national significance and to encourage partners to launch complementary actions in support of these issues.

3. Curriculum Development and Training Program

This is designed specially for local organizations to enable them to acquire knowledge, skills and capabilities in partnership building and international solidarity work. The contents of the program are drawn from the consolidated practice in solidarity work undertaken by Philippine organizations. The program provides participants with a broader view of global realities and their impact on local issues and initiatives.

4. Alternative Trading Program

This program assists in promoting and marketing indigenous products of communities and people's organizations. In the process, the history, culture and struggles of the people-producers can also be promoted.

5. Other Programs

  • Balik-Ugat Program which assists migrant Filipinos abroad to return to the Philippines to trace their roots.
  • Language Tutorial Program to aide foreigners in the Tagalog and Visayan dialects during their stay in the country.