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PGX-Fairmark is the marketing arm of PGX (alter-trade program) which promotes and markets indigenous products of communities and people's organizations.


PGX Fairmark aims

  1. To mainstream locally produced handicrafts and garments in the commercial outlets.
  2. To provide a venue for producers and Alternative Trading Organizations (ATOs) to share experiences through its one-stop-shop.
  3. To promote best practices of fair trading.
  4. To promote the producers (the face behind the products), and highlight their problems, struggles and dreams.
  5. To assist local producers communities in the development projects.
  6. To set up a one-stop-shop to facilitate various services (capability building, product development, market seminars)

PGX Fairmark follows the Philippine Fair Trade Programme of Principles, which promotes:

  1. Payment of fair prices.
  2. Quality products and services.
  3. Fair wages and good working conditions.
  4. Equal employment opportunities regardless of race, gender, religion and culture.
  5. Advance payment to producers when needed.
  6. Equal access to credit, market, information and skills training.
  7. Social benefits for communities.

The practice of fair trade depends on the quality of:

  1. Business of counseling
  2. Marketing information
  3. Trade linkage and
  4. Product development training

Products with the "Produktong Pinoy" / fair-trade stamps are made in accordance with these objectives and principles.