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Building PeacePEOPLE'S GLOBAL EXCHANGE - Philippines (PGX) is a resource and service center that promotes international partnership for development and people's empowerment through people's exchange.


It works alongside people's organizations and social movements in building channels for international cooperation and solidarity through exchange visits, development education, information sharing, dialogues and joint projects.

PGX is a non-profit organization duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Republic of the Philippines.

Guiding Principles

PGX is founded on the convictions that:

  • International partnership is a potent tool that should be developed and harnessed towards building a better national and global society
  • Such partnership respects, upholds and promotes sovereignty, integrity, self-determination and empowerment of peoples
  • Such partnership is geared towards exploring and actualizing alternatives to domestic and global inequalities and towards building a sustainable, peaceful, just and humane world
  • Real partnership should be built on shared experiences, a common agenda and a shared responsibility in addressing the issues of social development and peoples empowerment.